Saturday, September 17, 2011

Think premium samples: Lust have it! is finally here


Have you heard of your favourite beauty gurus rave about Birchbox from the US or Glossybox from the UK? Well don't wait any longer 'cause Australia has Lust Have It! They handpick 5 to 6 hair, beauty, and skin premium samples and deliver it right at your doorstep for $14.95.

My first Lust Have It

A welcome card

All of the products for the month of August
The first box contains :
1. Dermatologica Daily Microfoliant
2. Bioeffect EGF Serum
3. Burt's Bees Lemon butter cuticle cream
4. Naked Tan Goddess Bronze
5. Mirenesse Velvet lip plumper
6. Giorgio Armani fragrance Sport Code for your man

I was a bit skeptical at first since they are just about to launch their company.  "What if this is a scam?", were some of the thoughts at the back of my head. And to clear that, I emailed them while on a bus to Townhall on a Sunday afternoon.  Less than an hour later, to my surprise, I got a reply from Nicci Herra. Wait? A reply on a Sunday? That's cool man! She happily answered all my silly questions. And that sold me - a simple act of customer service.

I personally don't go to makeup or skincare counters in big department stores and ask if they can give me a sample.  In my numerous previous attempt, often times I get a stare of disbelief - then asks if I have a voucher. Well I don't.  The reason I ask for one is because I'm very much interested in the product but afraid to burn my pocket with a product that doesn't suit my skin.

My two cents:
- delivered right at your doorstep anywhere in Australia
- price is right $14.95
- sample sizes are huge
- EXCELLENT customer service!

- products may not be for you eg. like tanning lotions (an Asian like me would never use it)

Recommend for those:
- who live far from a city to get their hand on samples from the stores
- shy people who hates asking samples from dept store ladies for the fear of being pushed too hard in buying something they wanted to try first (I find that shops in Australia is not generous on samples compared to the US and Korea where they happily give it out to you)
- if you're the adventurous type who would love to discover the holiest of the holy grail

I'm impressed with the first box and have used all of them except of the tanning lotion. Try before buying the full size before finding out it's not what you want or not suitable for you.

Have you heard of Lust Have It?  Would you be interested in paying for premium samples?

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