Hi! I'm Ria residing currently in Sydney and I am a lemon tart vampire!  Hahaha!  I suck all the goodness of the lemon tart until all what's left are crumbs.  One day, I was on the bus craving for one and I found myself wishing for lemon tarts that has a generous top of merengue to grow on trees!  And that's where I got my blog name.

While everyone dread Mondays, its my favourite day of the week!  A time for pampering, slathering, treating dry hair, testing new products, putting on new nail colour, etc. - a time solely for myself, my "me-time".  It's the equivalent of 1 hour long bath in a warm tub for me *wink wink* in my vocabulary.

My obsession on things that can enhance beauty started just 2 years ago. Back then, I only had a couple of powder, blush and a blush brush.  A noob you may say until I discovered there's Youtube.  Hahaha! I got so hooked watching those beauty gurus, at that point I began hoarding products.

My motto: Anyone can find something gorgeous and beautiful inside and around you - all you have to do is to look.  Everyone is so unique hence we should embrace it dearly.  Enhance if you should, bottom line is you should love yourself.
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Ashfield, NSW, Australia
Discovering beauty, in and around you. Join me in this journey as I discover things beautiful - make up, skincare, how to's, food, events, people, gadgets, or anything that can bring you that sweet smile. Often times, you can find me reading Vogue on my right hand and Newsweek on the other.