Friday, September 23, 2011

Primped look book 2011 and the goodie bag

GAAAAAASPPPP! *holds breath* GAAAAAAAAASSSSPP! My words exactly --- speechless. I finally got my early Christmas present, and what's inside really left me dumbfounded, shocked and in awe rolled into one. "Congratulations Primpette! You've nabbed a seat at the Primped look book!" Wait... what... me of all the people?? I looked at the email again ten times just to confirm that it's not a hallucination. Reality finally sunk in, and my initial reaction, other than to scream ecstatically, was to call my bestie to bring forth the good news and force her to tag along.

On the day itself, we were both nervous but equally excited for the look book event. It's our first time!  Before heading out, we had to stop by a toilet to do a quick touch up. My gosh!! The newly renovated toilets in David Jones are sooooooOOO awesome*you have to check it out*! They have an area where you can sit down comfortably and do your makeup. It actually reminded me of toilets in a 5 Star hotel lobby, only heaps better.
Me and my bestie Mei at David Jones toilet for a quick touch up
Right, we can't just stop taking photos. ^^
We couldn't stop taking photos while waiting for the first batch to finish.

Location : David Jones Elizabeth St. Lower Ground floor beauty section
I finally got to meet in person Eliza Ashe the acting editor of .  She is soooo gorgeous! Her skin looks so healthy from my seat 4 rows away, and almost divine up close.
Opening remarks by Eliza Ashe the acting editor of
The key speakers of the night:
Paula from Comvita

Amy from Invisible Zinc

Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector

Invisible Zinc Foundation stick

Laura from Rimmel

Michael the Animation expert for Lancome

Lancome doll eyes

Louise from Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees sugar scrub and body butter

Justin from Prive

Prive products

Gina from OPI

Sample swatches from the latest collection of OPI
I really dig how they flawlessly organised and introduced their products to us. They meticulously demonstrated everything on their model's face and hair. Though it may seem to be a bit of info-overload for newbies, I found it very easy to follow. Along with giving industry-grade secrets, they also gave away valuable insights and tricks that I found really helpful for us consumers.

Here's a picture of me and Eliza. I know, I know... I look like a midget beside her hehehe. Oh well! I should've worn heels. Hehehe.=))
Me and the gorgeous Eliza
And of course, would I forget to show you what's inside our goodie bag? Tada!! *eye candy for me but might be an eye sore for you* lol!

Thank you Primped for such an awe-inspiring evening! My bestie and I surely had a blast!  Hope I'd get picked again for next year's look book event. *fingers crossed* :)

Have you been to a Primped look book event? How was your experience? Or perhaps, you've hauled-in some awesome freebies you'd like to talk about. Please feel free to share with everyone. 

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PS. I hope I've got all the names accurately.  If I made an error, please forgive me as I was just jotting them down as to how I heard them.  Feel free to correct me.

Disclaimer: I was randomly chosen to attend this event, hence they didn't know that I blog.

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