Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unspoilt Paradise - Boracay!

"Unspoilt white beach: clean, baby-powder-soft sand, a long shallow ledge on which you can wade way, way out without working a muscle."  Words untouched and straight from GRAZIA Magazine's very own Tracey Withers! You may or may not have heard of this place, but I can never really blame you. For the longest time, Bali and Phuket are the top tropical destinations listed on every vacationer's itinerary. It seemed for an eternity, everybody wanted to be there and get a piece of that talked-about tropical action. Well, the winds of tourism change may finally be starting to blow towards the direction of this tiny haven in my beloved Philippines. Let me introduce, as what Ms. Withers called it, our unspoilt Boracay.

Grazia's front cover 31 January 2011
Full Page Spread of Boracay
Honestly, as hard as this may sound, I myself haven't been to Boracay. :( I can't think of any sensible reason why, and I'm starting to dislike myself for it hehe :) BUT! My parents and brother have been there and they have nothing but adoration for this Philippine paradise. I need to be there, I've written it down on my bucket list for 2011. :)
Shangri-la Boracay
I'd guess she went over the baggage limit. Hahaha I really can't blame her! There are heaps of international brands found in Manila that aren't even locally available here in Sydney. The likes of Balenciaga, Tory Burch, Zara, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins just to name a few.

I know I haven't convinced you enough to go to Boracay and visit the Philippines. Maybe this website and blogs would provide enough prodding for you to finally go! :)

A smoldering 41 degree day in Sydney left me wishing I was in Boracay having freshly-picked coconut juice, lying on a hammock tied to two coconut trees while watching the crystal clear turquoise water.... OK I really need to go there! Hahaha! :)

Stay well and happy! :)
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