Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Food Quest: Chat Thai!

Ever since I started taking up Hotel Management, it gave birth to this desire of discovering great restos where we can have fabulous food and great time as well.  So on most Thursdays, you will see me in the city lining up outside a restaurant waiting to be seated.  Last week, I went back to Chat Thai -- it's definitely one of those restos that lived up to its hype.

History of Chat Thai found in their website:
The first Chat Thai restaurant, founded by Amy Chanta, opened its doors in 1989 on Liverpool St, Darlinghurst and was immediately a roaring success. Since then four more Chat Thai restaurants and takeaways have opened throughout Sydney. The name “Chat Thai” simply means “Thai Nation”. But the English meaning “to converse in a familliar and informal manner” is also what Chat Thai is all about casual and relaxed dining with authentic Thai food made to be shared with friends and family.
Over the years our principle aims haven’t changed much - to serve great, fresh and authentic food in an elegant, yet simple environment, and to also provide a helpful friendly service and, most importantly, value for money.
Drinks and Desserts Menu
Drinks and Deserts Menu Front Page
Crispy Pork with Vegetables
Mild curry Soft Shell crab 
You can tell that we forgot to snap photos of the food just by looking at it. Both smells too good not to dig in right away. ^^
V Fresh Drinks
Got these while waiting for our number to be called from the store next door and forgot to throw it out before going in.  We got reprimanded when they saw this on our table since they were selling their own concoctions too!*it was very hot outside at that time and we were so thirsty..

Overall, the food were fantastic just like the first time.  Highly recommended if you want good food that's reasonably priced but you must have lots of patience to get seated since it's always packed.

Have a great day everyone!^^
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