Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Laneige White Plus Renew care for white and crystal clear skin

In a bid to have a clearer and fairer skin before heading back home for a vacay, I got this sometime in November last year.  However, I didn't use it until the first week of January since I was on a strict "finish what you've started" policy so products won't go into waste. 
Beautiful Special Gift Set 2
Laneige White Plus Renew set plus essence nd 
The Skin refiner and Emulsion bottles are made of sturdy thick glass.  It feels sophisticated in design when you hold it.

Usage Step of Laneige White Plus Renew Line
Here are the steps on how to use this skincare:
Day:  Skin Refiner --> Essence --> Eye Mate --> Emulsion
Night:  Skin Refiner --> Eye Treatment --> Essence --> Night Cream

This is where confusion starts -- oh well maybe it's just me.  I'm a facial wash -toner/clarifying lotion- moisturiser- sunscreen type of person so these steps are quite new to me. So to simplify things and avoid confusion, I did a numbering system of my own.  D1 means Day 1 and N1 is Night 1.

White Plus Renew Skin Refiner
I love the looks of the packaging and the bottle itself, however the design makes it hard to get a decent amount of product.  A pump would be greatly appreciated.

White Plus Renew Essence

I'm loving this essence and its pump design.  Not sticky at all and easily absorbed.
White Plus Renew Eye mate (Day Care)
One thing that I didn't like about this is the brush tip.  When you click the bottom, most of the cream gets absorbed by the brush.  Talk about waste.  I had to pull out the brush and realised, you only need half click for both eyes.
White Plus Renew Emulsion SPF15
Bottle design is similar to the Skin Refiner.  It has not enough SPF so I had to add another step by putting on Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion SPF 30.
Freebies - White Plus Renew Night Cream, Essence, and Eye Serum (Night care)
I opted not to buy the Night cream and the Eye serum since you have to purchase it individually like the Eyemate and the Essence which is way out of my budget.

Overall,  I believe this line would lighten my pimple marks if I use this religiously.  For the meantime, I'm stashing it away for winter since it's quite sticky for my preference during this hot season (Hello 36c today and 41c tomorrow!).

I purchased all the items from the gorgeous buhaykorea (Ana Park) directly from Korea.  You can see all the items from her shop here where you can also find Korean Dvds, shirts and stuff toys.

Enjoy your week ahead and smile! :)
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