Friday, January 21, 2011

My 2nd Gmarket Haul = LOVE!

Hooray for GMarket!

Addicted might be an understatement, but shopping at Gmarket has been pretty much fun.  If you have read my first haul, you'd be aware that while I was writing that, my second order had just arrived!  As always, I was pretty ecstatic jumping up and down!  The postman asked me what it was and I answered him with a full smirk.  He said "Oh no! Not for your face again my dear."  Errr.. well not everything.  It's just that girls can't have enough of these little babies.

Huge box from EMS Korea
Looks can be very deceiving.  I can carry this humongous box with one finger.  Ok maybe two..  

Multiple small boxes inside the huge box
Boxes from different sellers sent to Gmarket warehouse for international shipping.  I wonder if they have used a smaller box, would the shipping cost be lower?

Morning glory refill 
Aren't these adorable? It's only 500W each and fits perfectly in my stunning red multi planner.  Now I can change the pages of my planner according to my mood!
Seller: mnf24
Delivery: 2,300W is charged if the total amount is less than 50,000W.
Bonus: 5 miles each 
Etude House square cotton pads
I have no idea why I got these but boy did I give in because of the cute packaging and its price.  Indeed I was surprised when I opened one and realised it was of good quality.  I'm a happy buyer! :)
Seller:  Koseuji
Price:  4,900W for 6 boxes of 100s
Delivery:  Free for any amount

Cute bag organiser 
Now this is a winner!  It may be smaller than what I expected it to be but I got this for only 1,600w ($1.41US) plus 2,500w delivery!  I don't know how they managed to do it and still earn from it.  With the quality this good, I'd definitely grab all the other colours.
Seller:  Instead
Delivery: 2,500w
Current Price: 1,300w

Hera Mineral Powder  refill #1 Beige skin
Basing on pictures and my ever-reliable assistant, google translate, I got to choose which items I want.  It also helps if you know how to read a bit of Hangul, which I do.  However,  on my first Gmarket order, I made a mistake.  I chose the precious powder instead of the mineral powder.   Still, I am happy with both.  This one is a refill that has shimmer to it. :)  Very different from the matt precious powder.  I am bit disappointed that the seller didn't throw in any samples at all.  Perhaps I was expecting a bit too much?
Seller: Beauty Love
Delivery: Free
Price: 20,700w
Bonus: 1 Gstamp

Cosline Flower Cheek Blush Shimmer Coral #5 7,100 free del
Since I cannot fully understand Korean,  I trusted my bestfriend google translate again.  It didn't say that I'll be getting a free lipgloss but the picture imposes lippie + blush.  Haven't tried the blush but what caught my attention was the soft brush included.
Seller:  Deocheonsa
Delivery:  Free
Price: 7,100w
Bonus: 71 miles
Danahan Essence samples
Eager to try out samples before buying the full size expensive bottle?  You must visit this store!  The seller offers a wide range of items from skincare to makeup.  What made my day was the free mask they included. :)
Seller: Small to ATS atsmall
Delivery: free
Price: 4,900w 
Current Price:  5,900w
Offers: 30 miles, Free gift, 1 Gstamp, 1% discount if buying at least 5 items
Laneige Multicleanser
I've had this on my wish list for months.  I was honestly happy with The Face Shop cleansing foam in peach but I just knew deep down inside that I have to try this one.  You can say that I am a fan of cleansing foam that removes makeup.  It just saves me time from all the oil and makeup remover.  What kept me from buying was the hefty shipping cost until I found this on Gmarket.  It took me hours to find the seller who sells it the cheapest.  I also had a 3,000w discount coupon to use on makeup or skincare items worth more than 30,000w.  Fox Weapons threw in a face mask, which I really appreciated. 
Seller: Fox Weapons
Delivery:  Free
Price: 17,900w each
Offers:  Stamp, Free gift

Speedy speedy delivery as always!  Arrived within 6 days from the date of purchase.

Stay Happy and till my next haul! :)
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